Brian is the COO of Capital Innovators where he has helped raise tens of millions of dollars for investment funds and startups; provided venture investment and management to more than 110 companies in the technology, consumer products, and energy-tech verticals; launched new business lines including fractional c-suite help for startups, corporate innovation partnerships, corporate Accelerators, university partnerships, early-education partnerships, and more. Brian also co-created the world's first energy tech Accelerator partnering a leading energy utility, a statewide university system, and a top-ranked Accelerator.

Brian also leads Manifest Ventures - a blockchain focused strategy and development firm. He has written three books covering Bitcoin, Blockchain and other advanced technologies and a fourth lifestyle book covering intuition, manifestation, diet, exercise and the power of human consciousness. Access Brian’s books here. His expertise and knowledge in the tech space have afforded him over 45 features in publications such as Forbes, Inc., TechCrunch, Entrepreneur, EQ, and many more. Brian has performed over 55 national and international speaking engagements in areas including blockchain, digital currencies, ICO’s, financial technology, startups, corporate innovation, university innovation, entrepreneurship, accelerators, venture capital investing and more. Brian has performed blockchain consulting for startups and major global corporations in areas including infrastructure, smart contracts, digital identity and data storage, supply chain and logistics, trade and transportation, cryptocurrency, utility and security token creation and implementation, fundraising and more.

Additionally, through each of his professional roles, Brian has gained a great deal of experience as a leader; managing large groups of startups, mentors, sponsors, partners, investors, and employees.


"There is an unwritten code in the universe that provides signs and creates opportunities when you dedicate all of your energy to your highest purpose."      

                                                           -Brian Dixon